Shoulder workout at home without equipment


Shoulder is an important part of the body; it enhances posture and strengthens the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, creating a beautiful body posture and, stability, and an overall sturdier body structure. This shoulder workout at home exercises helps you to build your muscles and also improve your immune system.

Why home workout are important during COVID-19


Home workout is especially important quarantine because it can reduce stress, help to lose weight, boost the immune system, and improve sleep. As we’re spending more time at home, it’s important to find some creative workout to remain active and fit.

Stretching for shoulder workout at home –

Rear deltoid stretching

Stretching is very important for muscle before workout. stretching decreasing the chance of tearing and injury. Stretching before and after reducing the stiffness that occurs with exercise.

For rear deltoid stretching position arm across the neck and place the opposite hand on the elbow. Push the right elbow toward the neck and hold the stretch for few seconds and repeat with the left arm hold the stretch for few seconds and repeat it again.

Target muscle- Deltoid, Posterior

Side deltoid stretching

Position arm across the chest, place opposite hand elbow. Push your right elbow toward the chest hold the stretch for few seconds repeat the same with left-hand stretch the deltoid hold for few seconds and repeat.

Thing you will need in shoulder workout at home exercise –

Things you will need in-home workout for shoulder is Bags, Books, water bottle or bucket, you can add more books on bag & water on buckets if you want a heavy workout.



Bag/bucket/water bottle shoulder front raises

3 set    12-10-8 Reps

shoulder workout at home

grasp the weighted bag or bottle, and clean the weight from the floor with an overhead grip make sure your hand slightly wider than shoulder-width and position weight in front of the neck.

Press the weight until arm extended overhead and lower to the front of the neck and repeat the exercise complete your set and move to the next exercise.

Lateral raises

3 set    8-15 Reps

shoulder workout at home without equipmentshoulder workout at home no equipment

grasp the weight bend over at hips slightly with knees bend,  slightly bend the elbow, raise upper arms to sides until elbows are at shoulders height maintain elbows height above or equal to the wrist and down the hand slowly and repeat the exercise again.

Maintain fixed elbow position around 10 to 30-degree angle throughout the exercise, weights are raised by shoulder abduction, not external rotation. As the elbow drops lower than the wrists, the front deltoids become the primary mover instead of the lateral deltoids.

Front raises

shoulder front raisesshoulder front raises

3 set    10-15 Reps

Grasp weights in both arms, raise one hand with weight with elbows fixed 10 to 30-degree angle throughout until upper arm is parallel to the floor you can continue with alternate arms or you can do with both arm this exercise-trained front deltoid.

Bent over rear delt fly

3 set   10-15 Reps

shoulder rear delt fly

Grasp the bottle or any weight to each side bend your knees slightly and bend over through hips with straight back 0 to 30 degrees parallel to the floor.

Raise your both arms to sides until elbows are shoulder height, maintain arms position to torso, and fixed the elbow position up to 10 to 30 degrees throughout the exercise.

Maintain height of elbow above wrists by raising ”pinkie” side up then slow down your arms and repeat the exercise again.



3 set  10-15 Reps

shoulder shurgsshoulder shurgs

In this home workout for shoulder, shrugs are a very important exercise for upper traps all you have to do is stand and holding the weight on the side slightly down your neck on front side elevate shoulder as high as possible contract and squeeze your traps down and repeat the exercise again.

NOTE- Rest between sets 30sec to 45sec.

Don’t rest for too long

increase weight in every set.

Use full range of motion, good form & mind-muscle connection.


best shoulder workout at home for beginners

Main goal: Build shoulder muscles

Time per workout: 30-45 mins

Training level: Beginner & intermediate

Program duration: 4 weeks

Days per week: 2 days

Equipment: home equipment





shoulder front raises

Lateral raises

Bent over rear delt fly

Front raises