Is too much cardio bad for muscle growth

is too much cardio bad for muscle growth

Too much cardio bad or good for muscle growth

Is too much cardio bad for muscle growth, Cardio exercises are wonderful for our bodies like running, swimming, cycling helps us to build endurance and boost up our bodies for daily routine work. Cardio exercises prevents us from chronic disease by improving our heart health. However, like anything else, doing anything in excess will harm you likewise doing extra cardiovascular exercises will put stress on our hearts. A relevant amount of cardio exercise will strengthen our heart muscle, but too much will going to weaken our heart muscle. As we push our hearts toward it can make it firm. This can cause trouble in maintaining a regular heart rate as the excess of cardio can stress the right ventricle of heart which is responsible for the pumping of blood. If you do cardio more than 60 minutes on a daily basis, it may impact your health. Doing cardio is very beneficial for your body in many ways like it raises your heart rate which in turn raises the amount of oxygen in the blood. It also increases endorphin which acts as a natural painkiller for the body. Aerobics is also a type of cardio exercise that strengthens your immune system and helps you to pump your blood more efficiently and increases stamina. You should always have a proper knowledge of balancing your cardio and weight training because it the most challenging task for everyone. Stretched cardio workout may harm your body in many negative ways like:-

You are always sore

There’s a common delusion that being sore is a good thing, that means you are working hard and that your workout is efficient. However, this is not the case. Like any other workout, doing too much cardio may lead to many major and minor injuries. Doing excess of cardio may lead to chronic joints soreness which gradually develops in your body but it can be easily overlooked by anyone because changes may occur in your body slowly. The more cardio you do, the more you will push your body to pain. No matter how fit you are, it is important to pay attention to pain in your body. Sometimes you need to just read and take a back off in order to make your progress and pay attention to do recovery first.

Interrupted menstrual cycle

 If your progesterone level is chronically high then it can increase hormones like testosterone and estrogen. When the balance between them is disturbed, it leads to irregular menstrual cycle and acne problems.

You can’t sleep

 If you have a sleeping problem then the first thing which is recommended to you is exercise as to prevent us from insomnia. Cardio enhances your heart rate and core temperature which releases those feel-good endorphins which we all love. We have to understand this fact that we have to move our bodies throughout the day to stay healthy and sleep well. But too much exercise can lead to problems of sleeping because doing extra workout can increase stress hormones like cortisol which creates problems while sleeping. Another option is to keep stop working out in the late evening or night. Keep your workout sessions in the day or later in the afternoon so that your body has enough time to cool down.

Reduces metabolism which hampers weight loss

 Is too much cardio bad for muscle growth, Whenever you are working out, it burns both fat and muscle. If you are running every day and still worried about not achieving the desired goal, so that’s the time you need to realize that you need to stop focusing on cardio exercise and start adding weight training to your workout. As cardio exercises helps our muscle to burn fat, but one the same time it hampers our metabolism which leads to less weight loss.

Can’t get rid of that loose belly

 Is too much cardio bad for muscle growth, If you are thinking this that running and cycling alone can get you rid of fat, that’s not at all possible because cardio helps you to reduce weight but not the muscle. You can reduce your weight by doing but your body will become loose and soft. For that, you need to add more strength training into your workout because the more muscle you have, the more energy you expend. Cardio exercises reduce both your body weight and your lean muscle tissues. If you are losing muscle tissues in your body than you will become skinny fat which means you may have smaller arms or legs but still have a stubborn belly that refuses to leave.

Weakened immune system

 By doing excess of cardio releases an excess of cortisol, which not only contributes to catabolism but also chronic disease in our body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that should be high in the morning as nd low by the afternoon, staying down till the bedtime. When cortisol is high in your body, it also leads to high blood pressure and blood sugar, you store more fats especially near your abdomen. This also weakened your immune system which leads to making you often fall sick 

You feel tired all the time

 Doing excess of cardio exercise leads to releasing much-needed energy from your body. And if you don’t have stamina and strength to do your daily routine work then you need to pull back yourself from cardiovascular exercises. Your body needs rest to recover from your injuries and to generate the required energy for your daily routine. When exercise starts to effect negative in your body then at that time you need to change your workout routine. Unfortunately, we all are human beings and have certain limitations to deal with stress. Doing too much cardio makes our body to cross that limit easily which leads us to exhaust, crumbling, and tired.

Your joints will hurt

 Is too much cardio bad for muscle growth, There are some high-intensity cardio exercise that can be pretty hard on your joints. Movements that leads more pressure on your joints like running, jumping can cause joint pain. If you continue to do this, it can have adverse effects on your joints for your future life. If you feeling it in the common areas of your body like knees, ankle, lower back, and hips than you need to shop doing high-intensity cardio exercises. Take some rest from this workout routine, give some rest to your body by doing less cardio or by changing your exercises that will keep your body moving without the joint pain. You should always keep this your mind that you need not have to put so much pressure on your joints which may have serious impacts on your joints for the future. It is better to prevent it from further developing than to try and fix it later.